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Pastor President and founder of Atalaia Ministry of the Gospel of God



From left to right we have:

Cléia Nicia Rodrigues, Pb Rafael Telles lopes

Jaira Camila, Pedro Paulo Ferreira,

Cristiane Lessa and Cléber Henrique da Costa

In the middle we have:

José Mauro Fernandes and his wife Renata Cristina

Below we have:

Hanna Beatriz Araújo da Silva and Ana Luiza Araújo da Silva

Below we have:

Claudiane Aparecida in half and her daughters

left: Maria Clara

and the right: Jessica

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Our Congregation is located in the city of Ervália-MG

The Watchtower

Atalaia was the name given to the person responsible for guarding the city.

We are a family owned and operated business.

He was on watch during his shift to warn at any time of the danger that could come to the city. The Lord compared the function of a watchman with that which his prophets, apostles and members of the body of Christ must develop in relation to the danger that those who have not yet been born again are running at every moment, as they may be reaped by death and will pass to live eternity in the kingdom of darkness.

For this reason, all those who have already been reached by the gospel of salvation, must be a watchman on the lives of their families, neighbors, friends and others, seeking to warn them of the danger they are in.


In the light of the Lord's word, in Ezekiel in chapter 33, we can see God's concern to raise the prophet Ezekiel as a watchman over Israel, to warn him about the danger that the nation was in because of the sin it practiced. However, the Lord wanted to restore all Israel, so the prophet needed to warn him.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Let's look at some important details about the watchman's mission and responsibility:

We are a family owned and operated business.

a) Blows God's trumpet

We are a family owned and operated business.

The watchman or spokesperson for God needs to be sensitive in order to be able to see when God is sending His sword on earth "When I bring the sword on earth" (Ez.33: 2). This sensitivity must occur both in your perception and in your hearing, because with spiritual eyes open you can see what God is doing, and with spiritual ears unlocked, you can hear God's guidance to free us from the judgment of His sword "He sees that the sword comes on the earth, and blows the trumpet to warn the people" (Ez.33: 3). As we can see, the messenger of God needs to hear His voice from Him and believe that what has been said, by the Lord, will inevitably occur, so it is necessary to warn those who are not urgently ready to free them from the danger that It's running. As a church of the firstborn in this generation, we know perfectly well that the Lord does not want anyone to be lost, but rather wants everyone to be saved, so it is our entire responsibility to proclaim the redemption of the lost through the work of Jesus on the cross. This is the trumpet that we must blow for those who are lost everywhere.

We are a family owned and operated business.

b) Blows the trumpet as a warning from God

We are a family owned and operated business.

The sound of the trumpet of salvation must be announced at all times to all people. Paul said to Timothy: “I therefore call you before God and Christ Jesus, who will judge the living and the dead, at his coming and in his kingdom; preach the word, urge in time and out of time, admonish, rebuke, exhort, with all long-suffering and teaching. You, however, be sober in everything, suffer afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, do your ministry well ”(IITm.4: 1-2,5). The proclamation of salvation itself does not guarantee that those who heard the message will naturally be saved, but it does make them aware of the need for eternal life with God. But those who hear about eternal life in the Kingdom of God and do not properly value the word they heard, will surely die in their sins and will not enter the Kingdom of God, they will be responsible for their eternal damnation “So if anyone hears the sound of the trumpet, but do not give warning, and the sword comes, and takes it, your blood will be on your own head ”(Ez.33: 4).

We are a family owned and operated business.

c) Blows the trumpet to free the wicked

We are a family owned and operated business.

The Lord made us in our generation as his legitimate watchmen, for this reason, we must be sensitive to believe in the existence of eternal life without God and to know that God's desire is to lead man away from this future. However, the instruments that God wants to use them to reach humanity are us, therefore, we cannot escape from this noble mission of proclaiming salvation to those who are enslaved by the force of sin, becoming more and more more seared by the deceptions of darkness and thus insensitive to God's eternal purposes. The mission to proclaim God's redemption for this generation is ours. The body of Christ established on earth must carry out this responsibility “To you, O son of man, make you a watchman over the house of Israel; you, therefore, will hear the word of my mouth, and give them warning from me ”(Ez.33: 7). As Christians in this time of the end, we have a duty to proclaim the gospel of salvation, so that the wicked can see the kingdom and enter it. The Lord gave us this mission, because no one who is so close to us will be able to come before the Lord saying that he has not had the opportunity to hear about salvation “But if you warn the wicked of his way, that they will be converted, and he will not be converted. converting will die in its iniquity, but you will have saved your soul ”(Ez.33: 9).

We are a family owned and operated business.

d) Blows the trumpet to free your own life

We are a family owned and operated business.

The redemption of God's elect is so serious in the spiritual realm that the Lord even exhorts his watchmen that if they fail to fulfill their mission and some elect fail to hear the proclamation of the gospel of salvation and get lost, the Lord will charge them. his watchmen the responsibility of this life “For he chose us in him before the foundation of the world, to be holy and blameless before him. In love he predestined us to be adopted children by Jesus Christ, for himself, according to the will of his will… In him we have redemption by his blood, the remission of sins according to the riches of his grace ”(Eph.1: 4- 7). As it is not written on the forehead of the people that they are the elect of God, we must preach eternal salvation through Jesus to all the inhabitants of the earth, because in this way when the word reaches an elect, it generates life in his human spirit and he comes as an individual member to be part of the body of Christ.

We are a family owned and operated business.

The spokesman of God must have in his heart a single concern, that is, that of fully carrying out the will of God, as well as Jesus, our greatest reference, who declared: “My food is to do the will of him who sent me, and do his work ”(Jn.4: 34). Therefore, we must proclaim the gospel of salvation to all people, otherwise we will not do it and the Lord will require from us the blood of the elect who were lost through our neglect “But if the watchman sees the sword coming, and does not blow the trumpet to warn the people, and if the sword comes, and takes a life among them, this one was taken in his iniquity, but I will take his blood from the watchman's hand ”(Ez.33: 6).

We are a family owned and operated business.

e) Blows the trumpet to announce God's purpose

We are a family owned and operated business.

The watchman of God must fulfill his mission fully convinced of the awareness that he is carrying out the full will of God. We know that since the fall of the first Adam, God has been relentless in the purpose of the redemption of those who have fallen as a consequence of the sin of the first created man. For this reason, the Lord said: “As sure as I live, says the Lord God, I take no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but in that the wicked be turned out of his way, and live. Convert, convert from your bad ways; why will you die, O house of Israel? ” (Ez.33: 11). In this context, the Lord is not calling the Gentiles, peoples of other nations, ungodly, but the Hebrew people that He himself chose as His people. Realize that the Lord is actually using his watchman to call his people to repentance and conversion. This is a time when the Lord is calling his children to repentance and conversion, without neglecting the salvation of those who have not yet been reached. For God told Abraham that his children would be like the stars of the heavens and like the sand of the sea. This figure of speech is to show us that the inheritance of God is a multitude of saved, just and upright people who will be part of His Kingdom and work for its implantation over the whole earth, because we totally believe in the government of God established in the just and through them over the whole earth "But the saints of the Most High will receive the kingdom, and they will possess the kingdom forever and ever and forever" (Dan. 7:18).

We are a family owned and operated business.

Gutemberg Lopes Braga.

We are a family owned and operated business.


Stay alert

The Bible speaks of watching, in many ways and for different reasons. This study is about the anointing of the watchman: our calling and training as intercessors to be forewarned and to pray against Satan's schemes. This is a very important aspect of our intercession. Ephesians 6.18 1st Peter 5.8 2nd Corinthians 2.11
He shows us 4 conclusions about how we should be alert.

We are a family owned and operated business.

1st Protection against attacks from our enemy, even for believers, is not automatic. We have a part to play. Although God is sovereign, that does not mean that He is in control of everything that happens. He has left many things under the decisions and actions of humanity. If God were to protect or save us from Satan's attacks regardless of what we did, these verses would be totally irrelevant to Christians.

We are a family owned and operated business.

2nd God's plan is to warn and warn against Satan's attacks. This can be deduced from the simple fact that, since God does not tell us to ignore Satan's tactics, He must be wanting to make us aware of these tactics. If the Lord tells us to be alert, it must mean that if we watch, He will warn us: God does not ask us to do something that He is also not enabling us to do:

We are a family owned and operated business.

3. We must be alert, keep vigilant, or else we will not notice God's attempts to warn us of Satan's attacks and plans. If these attacks were always obvious, it would be useless to watch: Isaias 56, 10 speaks of a blind watchman. What picture! I fear that this is a very adequate description of many with regard to our role as watchmen. We are often like the disciples: we have eyes, but we do not see (Mk 8,18).

We are a family owned and operated business.

4th If we are not alert and vigilant, if we are ignorant of Satan's schemes, he will have most of it. He will profit from us, take advantage of our ignorance. Contrary to popular belief, we can really be destroyed due to ignorance (see Hosea 4.6). We may not like to admit it very much, but Satan has really conquered a lot of territory in America. Don't be like a nomad in the desert who woke up hungry one night and decided to have a meal. He lit a candle, took a date and took a bite. Holding in the candlelight, he saw a larva, and then threw the date out of the tent. He bit the second date, found another larva and also threw it away. Realizing that he would be left with nothing to eat if he continued to throw the fruit away, he blew out the candle and ate the dates.
Sometimes we also preferred the darkness of lies to the light of truth. Although the truth can hurt, sometimes it is still the truth.

(Eph 6,18 Lc 21,36) These ves, associating group and kairos, the strategic time
There are two Greek words for "time" one is chronos, which sing time in general "general time when something is done" The other and kairos, is strategic time or "right time"
"The opportune moment when something must be done".

Trophies of intercession
History of Cindy Jacobs: book Possessing the enemy's doors.

This is the anointing of the watchman in operation, feeling the danger in a time of Kairos and establishing fences (paid) for protection through intercession.
A Pastor always had 1:00 am intercession early in the morning.
On one day, however, he felt a strong inclination from the Holy Spirit to pray more. Then he continued to pray for another hour. After two hours, he still felt the need to continue praying; so he persevered for the third hour asking for God's protection and blessing that day, so he was relieved of that need to pray more and stopped. That night, when he was mowing the lawn, he felt something touch his leg several times. He looked down and saw a rattlesnake coiled around, trying to attack it, but it just couldn't hit the boat. Instead, it kept thrashing around its leg.
Why had he felt the need to pray for more time that morning? What was he doing? Among other things, he was building protective “fences” through prayer-Paid.

The Biblical Watchman
What was your purpose? The term “watchman” comes from the Old Testament and was used to describe what we would today call “sentinels”, “guards”, or “watchman”. These people were primarily responsible for protecting two things: vineyards or fields against thieves and animals; and cities against invading forces.
Those who watched the crops were on top of rocks, houses or towers to have a good field of view. The towers or outposts in the fields generally had sleeping quarters always taking turns day and night during the harvest so there was a watchman 24:00 a day. At harvest times, the need for watchmen is greater, as the thief will do everything he can to steal the harvest. It is not surprising that God has preceded the greatest harvest of souls the world has ever seen - which is happening now - with a greater awakening to the prayer of history. The Lord of the harvest is wise. He has sentries twenty-four hours a day "watching" the harvest. These watchmen were on the city walls where they could act as sentries.

Watching the messengers
Experienced watchmen are often alerted by the Holy Spirit, before they have any concrete evidence, that certain messengers should not be believed. They recognize "wolves" who are sent to devour the flock, or "mercenaries" with improper motives. They bring warnings to those in the lead. They recognize them "by the way they walk", as if something is not right. They feel and discern. I have learned to listen to my trusted watchmen.
When they say they're worried about this or that. Generally, they're right. Most of the false doctrines, divisions and destruction in the body of Christ could have been avoided if watchmen were watching and leaders were listening! Pedro talks about this need in 2nd Pedro 2; 1,2

Watching the Enemy
The walled watchmen watched any enemy approach. When they saw a potential danger approaching, they would sound an alarm, shout, or blow a trumpet. The soldiers could then prepare for battle and defend the city. Watchmen today in a spiritual sense do so. They encourage the body of Christ against the enemy's attacks, when the watchmen are acting correctly, we will never be taken by surprise by Satan and his forces. Like watchmen, we do not live in fear of the adversary, nor do we live in "ignorance" of him. Unlike some people teach. Vigilance and readiness are not synonymous with concern. A common enemy tactic to dissuade Christians from watching him is to accuse them of overemphasizing their attacks.

The Watcher Sees Ahead
The watchman doesn't just guard the cities and fields. The Hebrew words translated "watchtower" are natsar, shamar and tsaphah. They sing. Watching to guard and protect, but also for “putting a fence around something” like a hawthorn, for example. They also have the connotation of hiding or covering up something. The watchtower, through intercession, creates a secret place of protection (Psalm 91 ”
Another interesting sing of tsaphah is "lean forward and observe from a distance". There is a clear connection with prayer there. The watchman looks ahead, "observing from a distance" to predict the enemy's attacks. He acts beforehand, he doesn't just react, This is prophetic intercession!
Be Defensive- Don't Let The Snake In. Genesis 2.15
He emphasizes an important point: the first mention of this term in the scriptures shows us one of the watchman's main responsibilities:
"Don't let the snake in!" Guard or protect what God has entrusted to your care against the serpent's subtle usurpation. Keep the snake out of your garden!… From your home, from your family, city, nation!… Don't let it in!
In Genesis 30,31, the concept of watchman is used to guard a flock. It doesn't take much discernment to see that there is a correlation here. We can keep a flock of God through intercession. Ecclesiastes 12.3 refers to protecting a home. Psalm 127 speaks of guarding a city And 1 Samuel 26.15 and 28.2 speaks of watching over a person. Proverbs 4.23 instruct us to guard our hearts.

These three Hebrew words are also translated in other ways so that we have a more complete understanding. “Natsar, shamar and tsaphah”

1st Save or guard: Appears at least 250 times. The watchman keeps things, places or individuals safe.
2nd Watchman: Watchmen are watchmen.
3rd Coast Guard: Watchmen guard individuals, protecting them from danger and evil.
They are shields - the kingdom's secret service agents, who guard and protect others. Watchmen represent Jesus watching over others.

My problems and distractions are often "thrown" at others, and they "take you away from me". I am grateful and am wise enough to recognize that I owe much of my success to the loyalty of these intercessors. What a comfort to know that I have bodyguards in mind! There would be fewer victims in our ranks if we had more faithful watchmen.
Peter Wagner, in his book (Shield of Prayer) presents five reasons why pastors and other Christian leaders need the constant intercession of many, watchmen.
In the book (A Mighty Warrior): there is a daily suggestion guide for praying for spiritual leaders, which Wagner summarized as follows:

Sunday: favor of God (spiritual revelation, anointing, holiness);
Monday: favor of others (congregation, ministry team, unbelievers);
Tuesday: vision (wisdom and revelation, motives, guidance);
Wednesday: spirit, soul, body, (health, appearance, attitudes, physical and spiritual health);
Thursday: protection (against temptation, deception and enemies);
Friday: financing (priorities, blessings);
Saturday: Family (general, wife and children).

4th Porter (Watcher): Watchmen have the spiritual ability (secret prayer) to determine who or what enters or leaves the home, the lives of their families, their churches, their cities, etc. They discern through the Holy Spirit what is allowed to enter and, through prayer, open or close the door. They call on the work of the Holy Spirit and reject the works of darkness. They put up fences, keep enemies out. Sometimes when an intercessor confronts me saying that something inappropriate has been sneaking into our community, I reply: “What happened? Weren't you on duty? ” I would simply say to the Body of Christ: “Do not condemn your pastors. You are also responsible for guarding the door ”.
5th Preserve or Preserver: Watchmen preserve things or prevent them from being ruined and destroyed. They preserve life, anointing, God's move and many other things by covering them with prayer.
6th Pay Attention: The watchman needs this alert. They should pay attention. As soldiers, God "catches our eye". There are lives at stake. The harvest must be protected.
Pay attention, watchmen!

7th Observation: Observing is the same as paying attention, but it can be added as contemplation and intelligence. Don't just look, be observant. It's very simple: Watchmen watch! They watch what others don't see. Sometimes we can observe many things in prayer, even before they happen.
8th Conserving: Watchmen keep things for the Lord. They are the maintenance personnel. They may not establish the vision, build or plant as others do, but they take care of maintenance. They keep things running smoothly and prevent interruptions. They maintain the anointing, integrity, health and many other blessings necessary for the kingdom.
9th Take Care: Watchmen must be well informed, vigilant and alert. 1st Pedro 5.8 warns us to be sober-minded. Always be careful, intercessor! Watch over the lion and when you see him in action, "face him" immediately, executing the victory of Calvary.

Lay siege to the enemy: Acts such as reconciliation, repentance, spiritual mapping, prayer walks and marches have systematically removed from Satan his hold on churches and people led to revival and the saving of lives. THESE and other strategies are part of the watchtower anointing that God has released over the Church. The Body of Christ is learning to systematically bring down the strongholds of darkness. God is giving us the capacity, by his Spirit, to discern the enemy's plans, his resistances, frankness and points of entry, to stop him and conquer the nations, cities and individuals through prayer. The strongholds of darkness are being broken down. Prisoners of satanic fortresses are being freed. Fences are being placed in the spirit. God is showing us what to turn on and off, and how to do it. There is clear opposition. One thing that prevents this type of prayer is the time element. The very concept of laying siege implies a duration of time. It may take days, weeks or years of daily intercession to open a breach. I believe that this can be hastened by more intelligent and learned prayer, as well as by the multiplication of the power of concordance.

Conquering Cities and Nations for God.
God deals with collective:
1st Cities received messages and prophecies: Jonah 1-2, Nahum 3-1, Micah 6-9 Revelation 2e3.
2nd Cities and nations were judged: Nìnive, Sodom, Gomorra, The nation of Israel was judged as a whole on many occasions in the Scriptures.
3rd Cities and nations were governed by principalities: Tire Ezel 28-12, Ephesians Acts 19.28.
4th Cities have a level of faith or unbelief: Nazaré Marcos 6-5,6.
This fact is what also underlies our intercession in favor of groups of people, our cities and nations.
We are able to put siege around them and win them over to God.

Transformed Cities:
Canaan, a cursed land of Gen 9-25, became the promised land of blessing.
Jerusalem, stronghold of wicked giants, became the city of peace.
Can God do it again today? Could our cities and nations be profoundly transformed? Yes, unless God has changed in the last three thousand years! That is if He can find some Calebs ... If He finds some destroyers of giants ... If He finds some people with attitude.
He is asking us, as He did with Ezekiel, to look at the dry bones of our nation, men and women, young and old, rich and poor, the wounded and those who think they are well, and answer the same question as him did to the prophet: "Can these bones be revived?" I answer that they can. What do you say?

Are you ready?
We need to be like Sam Jed:
Hearing that a $ 5,000 prize was being offered for the capture or death of wolves, they became bounty hunters. Waking up one night, Sam saw that they were surrounded by fifty pairs of sparkling eyes - greedy wolves licking their lips from hunger. "Jed, wake up," he whispered to his sleeping companion. "We are rich!"
We need to see the multitude of unbelievers around us, not as a threat, but as opportunities. Our task would be overwhelming if it weren't for the fact that we depend on God's strength and ability, not on our own. We will ! Get up, God and may your enemies be beaten. We are going to fill our saddlebags with victory stones and run against Goliath. We will demonstrate the sovereignty of our God. Let's growl! Let’s roar, let’s let Jesus live through us.
He is ready; is that you?
Are you ready to follow your call as an intercessor?…
Represent Jesus as the reconciler and warrior?
Distribute God's benefits and victory?…
Go to the meeting, take it away, put up protective fences?
Are you ready to give birth, to release, to hit the target?…
To fill a few cups, make a few statements, watch and pray?
Are you ready?
Remember: Life is fragile. LIVE IT WITH PAY! Sing: "INTERCEDER"
When it all starts at the end.

Every time the devil to someone is the end: It was actually the beginning of the best days, the greatest victories, the best marriages.
The devil said to Joseph in Egypt, in the desert cistern: It is the end. And God said: It is the beginning.
Joseph the government of Egypt awaits you.
The devil said to Moses in the desert of Yes: It is the end. And God said: It is the beginning, I will make you the liberator of my people.
The Devil said to Esther in the time of slavery: It is the end. And God said: It is the beginning, I will make you the queen of the Medes and Persians.
The Devil said to Sadraque, Mesaque and Abdenego in the furnace: It is the end. And God said: it is the beginning, you will be great governors of Babylon.
The Devil says to Daniel in the lions' den: It's the end. And God said: It's the beginning, your story will change the world.
The Devil said to Jonah in the belly of a fish: It's the end. And God said it is the beginning, Nineveh will be saved through your preaching.
The Devil said to John Exile on the island of Patmos: It's the end. And God said it is the beginning, you will write the greatest revelation of all time. The apocalypse.
The Devil said to Jesus dead on the cross: It is the end. And God said: it is the beginning, all the power in Heaven and on earth I give into your hands.
So if the Devil tells you it's the end, start giving glory to God and Hallelujah because God is saying: It's just the beginning. The Devil has no power to decree any end for a child of God. Suffering is not the end, but it is the beginning for all who believe.

Glory to God!

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